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WS-1A Level Top Canal

Project Type: Design Bid Build

Project Owner: Gila River Indian Community and Pima-Maricopa Irrigation Project

Construction Dates: 11/09 to 11/10

The project consisted of constructing of approximately ¼ mile of reinforced concrete lined level top canal with a bottom width varying from 13’ to 11’. Two warped wall inlet and outlet structures were used to connect the level top canal to the 84” inlet and 96” outlet pipes, with a traveling water screen system installed on the outlet structure. This system integrated water delivery from the main PMIP pipe system with a connection to the Gila Drain. A control valve header system was installed within a vault structure, and is controlled by a programmed PLC that monitors the water level in the canal for downstream delivery. A precast concrete control building was constructed to house all of the instrumentation and control systems, and an Omni Site cellular based reporting system was used for remote status and alarm notifications. Existing 84” and 54” CCP pipes were extended to complete the delivery to the canal inlet structure, and flow meters were installed on both lines.