Alternative Project Delivery Methods

T&T Construction, Inc. has expanded its construction delivery method portfolio over the last three decades to incorporate several project management styles and services for our clients. The styles of management and services that T&T Construction provides to our clients are Design-Bid-Builds (DBB), Construction Management at Risk (CMAR), Job Order Contracts (JOC), Design Builds (DB), and Consultant Services for Constructability/Biddability Project Reviews. T&T Construction has built upon these construction methods over the years allowing our firm to become one of the leading pipeline construction companies in the southwest.

Design-Bid-Build (DBB)

Design-Bid-Build or DBB method of construction has been an industry standard for many years. This type of delivery method allows for a client/owner to hire an engineering firm that will assist with the design of the proposed project, including all construction drawings and specifications. Once this portion of the process is completed, the project is offered to bid to construction firms. The client/owner will then award the project in most cases to lowest responsive bidder. After the General Contractor is selected and a contract is agreed upon, the GC will execute contracts with their subcontractors and suppliers to construct various portions of the project. The Prime or General Contractor is responsible for overseeing all construction in accordance with the project contract documents until project competition is achieved.

Construction Management at Risk (CMAR)

Construction Management at Risk or CMAR method of construction is a commitment agreed upon by an owner and General Contractor to deliver a project with a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP).  The awarded Construction Manager at Risk acts as not only a consultant to the owner during the design phase but also the General Construction Manager during the development phase of the proposed project. The CMAR is awarded per a qualification-based proposal. Once the Construction Manager has been chosen, the CM will get involved with the estimating and cost analysis of constructing the project based on the goals of the designer and owner and the overall scope of the project. While balancing the costs, schedule and scope of the project, decisions can be made to modify the design concept instead of having to spend more time and money on re-designing and modifying the completed project documents.

Job Order Contracting (JOC)

Job Order Contracts or JOC’s are a method of construction where a client/owner has specifically targeted renovations, repairs, sustainability, and/or minor new construction for site(s) and scope(s) of work that they would like done over an extended period of time, generally 3 to 5 years. JOC’s are typically awarded on qualification-based proposals and can be awarded to multiple firms. Once these firms are selected, an agency will request priced based proposals from these firms for the scope(s) of work they are looking to construct.

Design Build (DB)

Design-Build or DB’s are used when opportunities exist for the owner or agency to save time by beginning construction before the final design has been completed. Design Builds gives the client/owner a value of simplicity in having one responsible firm for not only the design but also construction of their proposed project. These DB’s are typically awarded from a qualification-based proposal.

Constructability/Biddability Reviews

The biddability-constructability review process is an amazing resource for our clients. When executed properly, this process allows the owner to capture the value benefits of both the hard bid and ADM processes and eliminate the negative attributes associated with each. Owners receive the most competitive pricing from the hard bid; and when coupled with the foresight to identify discrepancies and conflicts in the bid documents, identify value engineering opportunities, and resolve issues on paper prior to bid, owners will likewise capitalize on the ADM process. Having an experienced General Contractor/Construction Manager working as a consultant for the owner performing biddability-constructability reviews allows the owner to benefit from lessons learned in the past, and to take full advantage of the positive attributes of the two delivery methods ultimately providing the best value.

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