The project consisted of installing 15,700 LF 28” Fused HDPE Force Main and pumping system to pump waste water from west Chandler to the Ocotillo Water Reclamation Facility within an existing utility corridor along the south side of the Santan 202 freeway. The project also included new pumps and piping at the existing wastewater lift station and a new junction structure to the existing 66” sanitary sewer line.

The bypass pumping on this project included a month-long operation of 30 MGD pulling out of an existing 66” RCP sewer line.  Close coordination was required between our mainline crews, structure rehabilitation subcontractor, and bypass subcontractor (Water Movers). Additionally, there was a 12 MGD bypass from an existing 36” line, and a 10 MGD bypass for the final lift station tie-in.  These required our personnel to work around the clock in order to complete the required work within the contract completion time.

Other project features included:

  • Significant bypass pumping during construction at three locations
  • Positive shoring systems at 7 locations for construction to proceed without damage to the existing structures, including the Santan 202 Freeway.
  • Installation of a monorail system, new electrical service, and new electrical building

This project displays our abilities as a contractor to successfully install any type of pipe material as it relates to a sewer project.  While HDPE is a more flexible pipe than FRP, it still has stringent deflection characteristics that require competent and capable installation techniques.

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